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We aim to provide a high level of service while being able to rapidly adapt to the ever-growing security challenges that our clients may face. Innovate technology, a robust operational plan, and experienced personnel keep us one step ahead of the curve.


Vehicle Patrol Division

Our Vehicle Patrol Division Combines Cost-Effectiveness and Proactive Security

The Vehicle Patrol Division, our flagship service, comprises a group of individuals with a broad range of professional backgrounds, including law enforcement, military police, corrections, and EMS/EMT, as well as extensive armed security experience at various levels, such as local, state, and federal. 

Our team of experts collaborates with communities, clients, and properties to develop customized security strategies, catering to specific challenges. As professionals, we are committed to delivering optimal solutions to all security-related issues. Our patrol units are outfitted with a broad range of emergency equipment, security features, and state-of-the-art technology to better enhance our patrol operations in the field

Efficient and Reliable Patrol Operations That Can Meet Any Need

Limitless Capabilities Of Our Vehicle Patrol Division

Working in conjunction with our dedicated dispatch center, our uniformed patrol personnel operating within the Vehicle Patrol Division can be tasked to perform a wide variety of duties that are property or client-specific. Below is a summary of some of the many duties our operations team can perform.

Dispatched Response

Central dispatch allows residents/employees of a clients' property to request calls for service, including noise complaints, disturbances, suspicious persons, theft, and more.

Property Check

Uniformed Patrol Personnel can check entrance/exit points, community areas, pools, & fitness centers to ensure areas of interest are secure. Other duties can be assigned as well.

Alarm Response

With quick response times, we are able to respond to an alarm, assess the situation, and take the appropriate action. Our personnel will submit a full report to a client for review.

Trespass | Loitering

Personnel can provide enforcement against trespassers and loiters. Critical information is stored in our database ensuring appropriate action is taken against repeat offenders.

Parking Enforcement

Our patrol operations can issue citations (non-monetary) to enforce property parking rules. A report is provided to our client with additional action possible, including towing.

Video Surveillance Monitoring

We can provide autonomous solutions, driven by advanced AI to monitor, dispatch, and sound the alarm when criminals are near. Please contact us for more information.

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Event Security Division

Safeguarding Your Special Event So You Can Focus On What Matters Most

Sigma Protective Services’ Event Security Division is equipped to provide clients with uniformed or non-uniformed security personnel, ensuring optimal security for events. Event security teams operate through a well-structured approach, with many operational protocols stemming from proven and field-tested operations that have produced exceptional results and service for clients.

The Event Security Division prides itself on being proactive, preventing critical incidents before they occur, while also being able to rapidly adapt to security challenges as they arise during operations. To achieve this, personnel are provided with consistent training on various event security operations and scenarios to ensure they are prepared for critical situations.

Depending on the Special Event Assessment Rating (SEAR), we may allocate additional resources, such as incorporating our Vehicle Patrol Division, dispatch center, field operation units, off-duty Law Enforcement Officers, coordination with Police or EMS for standby or joint operations, and other specialized units or personnel. Our Event Security Division has the necessary experience and operational knowledge to ensure the safety of your next event.

Static Security Division

Trained Security Officers Exclusively Protecting Your Business or Property

Sigma Protective Services’ Static Security Division provides security officers who are assigned exclusively to a specific property. These are security professionals dedicated to safeguarding property, protecting people, and providing a high level of service by receiving ongoing training to ensure they can adequately perform their duties at the highest level. Security officers can be stationed at the entrance of a business establishment to deter theft or assigned to patrol an entire property.

Security officers operating within the Static Security Division ensure a professional appearance, prompt arrival on-site, and provide exceptional service, irrespective of the size of the property. Similar to our Vehicle Patrol Division, our Static Security Division has access to advanced reporting software, smartphone devices, and other technologies that enable them to write reports promptly in case of an incident and manage evidence. They remain prepared to take swift action to protect the lives and property of our clients.

In addition to having a security officer on your property, uniformed patrol personnel from our Vehicle Patrol Division will respond as backup if an incident occurs.

Technology Is A Driving Force Of Our Exceptional Service

Partnered With The Most Innovative Public Safety Companies In The Nation

At Sigma, we firmly believe that adopting a cutting-edge technological approach in the equipment, software, and systems our personnel use will significantly enhance our ability to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

By partnering with innovative companies in public safety, we are able to provide our personnel with body cameras, in-vehicle camera systems, computer terminals, advanced reporting software, and our clients with reports, analytics, strategies, and solutions that far exceed the industry standard.

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